Welcome to Premier Diamond... a store of unusual dimensions in the world of fine jewelry.


Premier Diamond StorefrontBased on the strengths of a successful career buying and selling diamonds & fine jewelry coupled with a commitment to building a jewelry store based on good business practices and treating people well..."like they are family"... our founder established Premier Diamond in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1987. Since that time Richard has utilized his network of contacts and relationships in the diamond and fine jewelry trade (his "global family" of diamond and jewelry suppliers) to help him offer the finest diamonds and fine jewelry at prices that demonstrate remarkable value for the customer. Within the walls of Premier Diamond’s new store Richard has built another "family" of dedicated staff who share the same values of engaging in good business practices and treating people well... not like "customers" but like family.

Richard, Store ManagerDarlinda,
Richard, Owner   Darlinda, Store Manager

Customers Are "Like Family"

At Premier the concepts of "value" and treating people "like family" reign supreme. Current jewelry pieces may be found in other stores... but at Premier we offer fine quality jewelry at a more attractive price and you will be served by a professional whose goal is to insure you are excited about your purchase! Our diamonds, jewelry and estate pieces are gathered from a global network of sources established by Premier Diamond's founders' 30 years of trading, buying and selling of diamonds. Due to our expertise in diamonds and fine jewelry, Premier is one of the few fine jewelry stores in Southwest Michigan buying estate diamonds, Juliethis provides the opportunity to purchase a diamond at even greater savings... or to trade up your diamond to a larger size or different shape.

And, you don’t need to be a diamond expert to achieve your goal! Your Premier sales professional is dedicated to working with you closely to insure we understand your desires, budget and timeframe. Then, we take the time to show you the options and choices and assist you make a great decision.


Star 129 DiamondsThat same network and global sourcing expertise which provides Premier with exceptional value in diamonds allows for a similar value through our wide selection of ring styles. From the contemporary to richly traditional all of our rings are priced very favorably compared with any mall store or on the Internet. And the selection at Premier is 2nd to none! We maintain an inventory of more diamonds to select from than anyone in SW Michigan.

The story of great value and "treat like family" service continues with our full line of estate jewelry. Premier is the place to find period or antique pieces of jewelry you won’t find elsewhere in Southwest Michigan. In addition, the content of gold or diamonds in a Premier Estate jewelry piece almost always exceeds what could be used in the creation of a similarly priced piece of jewelry today. Not only is the value great... but our staff love jewelry and especially estate jewelry! They enjoy helping you consider alternative pieces, talk about where you will wear certain pieces, include how a piece will fit with other jewelry you own, etc.